Most companies don't have the resources to be all things to all partners. You know who's doing well and who isn't and that information drives most companies from a channel engagement perspective. Branddirect’s channel development and management solutions provide consistent channel engagement to help your partners both big and small through partner management services.

Based on the client’s objectives and goals Branddirect develops and proposes unique and specific strategy keeping in mind the regional dynamics and behaviour relevant to the specific business vertical.

Dedicated team is created to provide white- glove service to the top performers and extra attention and trainings enabling underperforming partners.

Branddirect ‘s Channel Development solutions encompasses integration of digital, phone and field communications to enhance the performances of most productive resellers, while bringing major improvements in the performance of underperformers. Branddirect also manages and implements the loyalty and channel promotions across GCC countries to ensure maximum results for the brand.

The Branddirect’s holistic Channel solutions also include marketing support, trainings, Introduction and monitoring of channel promotions and loyalty programs, building, enhancing or validating channel database, targeting both the floor sales and enterprise sales teams ensuring maximum gains and sales increase for the brand with customized and focused programs during product launches in line with Brand’s guidelines.

What We do?
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