Postal Campaigns
The distinctive advantages postal mail campaigns provide are that they are highly targeted, measurable and individualized. We give the” Branddirect Edge” to Postal campaigns by leveraging our highly profiled database to create very focused, personalized and precisely targeted campaigns.

We provide Postal fulfillment services as well
Printing of labels, pasting of labels, Pasting of stamps, Insertion of letter/document into envelope, delivery to postal authority, submission of the receipt to the client.

Bulk Fax Campaigns
“Always getting the secretary/assistant, never the Decision maker”. Personalized fax campaigns can prove to be a very effective medium to reach out to those not easily accessible via telephone in the b2b arena. A very cost effective, focused and targeted tool of communication that provides reliable confirmation that message has been delivered.

Fax campaigns are extremely effective and successful in the following scenarios

Exhibition and Event announcement.

Driving visitor traffic by targeting focused, specific & relevant industry verticals.

Product and Service awareness campaign.

Sales / Promotion campaign announcements, etc.

Our Fax servers are capable of delivering highly accurate and personalized bulk fax campaigns conducted using Branddirect’s database and fulfilment campaigns with client’ s data base.

Email Campaigns
“You have got mail”, has certainly lost its novelty, with the barrage of email campaigns being conducted without consideration to either the message being communicated or the intended recipients. We at, Branddirect Work towards giving “email campaigns, their rightful place under the “Marketing” sun. Many believe that all one needs is a database full of emails to conduct email campaigns, however for successful email campaigns that ensure results to the client, we need a profiled database, that can be segregated based on the clients requirement in terms of industry vertical, designation, regions etc. that is where Branddirect comes in. We passionately believe that email marketing is NOT direct marketing online, any organization that treats it as such, fails to derive the potential benefits of this medium of communication. We create the difference between a good campaign and a great one.

SMS Campaigns
Branddirect is fully geared to conduct Bulk SMS campaigns on both using client’s Data base as well as using highly profiled branddirect database. The branddirect database profile includes key demographics statistics to enable the client to define and choose the right target segment and get maximum benefit from the campaign. Please log in to check detailed demographics.

What We do?
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