Branddirect’s market intelligence team acts as the “eyes and ears” for our clients in their target regions and industry verticals.
Market Intelligence solutions are apt for both the established brands and new businesses.

The market intelligence solutions can be best used to understand the intricacies and business dynamics of a particular market and or specific market segment and can be adapted in line with the client’s requirement. The client gets deep and detailed understanding including both macro and micro level details about the market and business vertical for most effective utilization of the information which can provide instant sales opportunities with direct information on key decision makers and platform to plan winning marketing strategies.

The market intelligence solutions dig deep into the markets, identify opportunity areas, build direct bridge to key decision makers and creates precious information set that helps in understanding the market with specific details relevant to the specific business and achieve sales increase and market share growth efficiently and quickly.

Market Intelligence Solutions include but not limited to the feasibility studies; developing and creating industry specific information and data customized as per our clients’ requirement and objectives.

The core team of Branddirect has more than five decades of regional experience which is irreplaceable and is one of the key differentiator and enabler to provide the best solutions with very high return on investment (ROI).

What We do?
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